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I have to say that many of you guys are really funny, trully. I never got the point of why anyone else cares about what any one else drives or how many people drive the "same" thing.

BMW is a car company in business to make money and produce fine vehicles. That will still continue tomorrow with this announcement. Why anyone cares if they add styling cues and additional performance from their M subdivision is beyond me. It really is nonsense and BMW really could not care less if it loses a few customers that cant take it that their neighbor may have another car with an M on it somewhere. Please! Whoring out the brand happened long ago, but the brand has not only survived but flourished. It is the mind set of certain individuals, as demonstrated in different parts of this entire thread that makes me dislike Ms because of the people that drive them and think they are somewhat priviledged.

I drive the S85 ///M6, the pinnacle of BMW and M success, and probably the last trully hardcore offering to come out of M, imho. But you know what, who cares at the end of the day? I have met many people who drive the beast, along with M5 owners and I never thought, damn, theres too many of us to enjoy my exclusivity to make me feel better about myself because I have something that almost no one else has. But thats exactly the envy that I hear across this thread, envy that someone else has something similar to what you have, and somehow that makes your purchase less special??? This is the reason many across the world look down on us in the US, because we talk silly like spoiled children that have to have the one and only. Well I hate to tell ya, but BMWs are a dime a dozen so to speak vs trully exclusive cars.

In europe everyone appreciates any bmw regardless of the badge because they know what goes into all of them the same, the same dna so to speak. So when some on this side of the world make silly statements about brand dilution because of a shared letter, I have to laugh hard to myself because its like watching children play.

Get over it, if you want exclusivity, but a Ferrari, not an M3 or an M anything, bmw produces as many cars as they can sell, there is no exclusivity except in ones mind.

However, Id say to just appreciate the position you may be in if you can go for the M3 for ex or any bmw for that matter, because if you arent buying the car as a poseur for status, then you wont care if your neighbor is driving one too.

In terms of the M announcement, I think its great and about time, who wants to deal with aftermarket tuners and body kits when you can order it right from BMW the way they know some of us that are more sports oriented want the cars and not deal with all the tuner hassels. You want a little more performance, why NOT get it stright from the factory, it only makes 100% sense and is a true win-win, the customer gets what they want, and BMW makes addition revenue to fund more cars.

And while some may say that the M of today and the recent past are daily drivers with the perfect balance, well thats not really true as we all know.
In the US, where the speed limit in every part of the country is well below 100mph, there is technically no reason to have a vehicle that can exceed that limit, if you know what I mean. Im not saying to limit it, but its a point that should be well understood. So if BMW can now make a car thats very sporty, with a bit more power and driving dynamics focused than the "normal" car, and has the great design features that M is known for, thats a big win for everyone.
No one in the US needs 500+hp for a daily drive, yes its more fun than should be legal to drive the S85 every day, but in actuality, I dont use half the power most of the time, and the same is true for the M5 or even the M3, and possibly even the funny named 1 series with the M on the trunk which is a very focused track ready car.
We're just spoiled here in the US and thats all this bickering by some really comes down to.
Just appreciate what you have yourself, and dont worry if I have the same thing or something that you percieve makes your car any less special, because thats just silly.
I for one cant wait to see what the offerings turn out to be, im sure my next car will be one of these new Ms
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