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Originally Posted by Naambezet View Post
Depends on the traffix/where you are. Empty carpark? Turn DSC off. Normal traffic? Keep everything on. Empty wide roads? Depends on your skill, but turning only TC off will allow some driftangle but keeps it civilised.
When accelerating, braking and cornering, there will always be some slip. The slip angle in corners during normal driving is higher than most people think. Even in traction mode, the slip is usually lower than what the driver will regard as actually drifting/sliding. As you get closer to the limit, more and more of the tyre contact patch will start to slide. Finally it lets go, if you keep pushing.

It has to be said that recovering slides with the F20 is remarkably easy. The steering is quick, and the car is well balanced. Even without DSC or DTC enabled, it snaps back to going straight if the driver makes a correction. With the systems enabled, the car straightens itself unless you fight it.

As long as you avoid actually spinning the tyres, the balance is pretty much unaffected by what you do with the throttle/brakes. Unlike many older BMWs, the F20 is controlled mainly by the steering also in slippery conditions, not the pedals. Aim the steering where you want the front of the car to go, and the car will do so.