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I got this info from SuperSprint, about their exhaust products for F20/F21:

From: Roberto Gardini Supersprint
Date: 2 augustus 2013 09:33:36 CEST
Subject: Supersprint exhaust for M135

Hi, how are you? The list prices for the M135i exhaust system have been

To simplify things here is the list prices from our catalogue.
Info (videos, dyno charts, pictures) available here:

-Base dual setup 988613 + 988624 1.390
-Base quad setup (requires bumper trimming) 988613 + 988626 1.580

-988612 front pipe with flex joint (remove some restrictions in the
diameter) 420
-9885*1 downpipe with 200 CPSI cat. At the moment on the website there
is a 100 CPSI version (988521) but we've already seen that it turns on
the Check Engine Light. Performance gains remain the same but pollutant
reduction is higher so no CEL.
I would recommend to people who wants the full system to get the 200.
The price should be 1.750. We'll probably fix this on the website
today or as soon as we come back from the break.
The full system as in the video has a list price of 3.560.

You can ask for a quote including shipping and discount based on the
desired setup.
We're thinking about accepting pre-orders with a deposit (probably
500) to get into the 1st production batch and get a better discount!

ETA is October.

This is the last day before the summer break for production (and for me
too), we'll be back the 26th.
The sales department will remain open.
I'll reply to my emails but not all the time.

Best regards,

Roberto Gardini