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Originally Posted by qbix View Post
It's very sad to see which way BMW is going. Sales are skyrocketing but the spirit of ulimate driving machine is dying.

No more NA engines, each model is heavier, diesel M, FWD, hybrids and now this great news that you are hearing the heart through some damn speakers.

What next? Speedometer tricks maybe? 0-100km/h in 3sek? Why not! Who would find out that in fact is doing 90km/h not 100km/h?

It's time to look for other brand
You may have a point but the M135i is not an example of this.

The M135i has been praised by countless journalists for being more like the 'ultimate driving machine' than anything BMW has created recently. It's a huge amount of fun.

Like I said above I don't care that much about the Symphoser. Step outside and get someone to gently pull away and then floor it and it sounds absolutely incredible. In terms of noise, that's what matters to me more.