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Originally Posted by pkim1079 View Post
Better driver? Whats your time in a stock m3?

Awesome video lol.
My stock time was 08:35, but back then it was only my 20th lap around the ring. I believe M3's record is like low 8 (8:05 is it?) and that is on sport cup tires. supercharger improved my time, and so did the semi slicks, but i can't say by how much, as I haven't gotten a clean lap. Usually there is like an accident, or too many cars, or rain, or UFO landing, or zombies... always something

I am not taking away from the driver, but there are certain places where he did not take best lines (due to weather maybe?), so I think in this tempo he could have gotten better times if it was dry. Come on, let's be real now, it's as fast as M3??? That's why i say it's not stock. He possibly has a tune, or/and some suspension work, or tires that we don't know about. Look at my vid, you can hear my NT01's sing in some turns, this guy doesn't even make a sound on stock tires.... has very little body roll too. He doesn't jump in places that I do (I usually have a lift off in certain parts of the track). So you telling me this 135m has better suspension than my EDC? If so, then bmw screwed the m3 owners.
I know ppl with track spec E9x m3's, the best time i heard of was like 7:30, no interior, durreza's (semi slick), full kw suspension, etc... on a normal day these guys are running right around 8... u telling me this stock little guy just goes out and does 8:05 in damp?? My buddy with tuned GT3 997 does 8:05 with some sweat (not best time, but very fast time), where most GT3RS's run around 7:50 with a good driver.