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Exclamation BMW M2 May Feature Smaller Less Powerful Engine (Turbo 4) Than 1M Coupe? Discuss

BMW insider Scott26 has recently mentioned that the 1M coupe's replacement - the M2 will be powered by a turbo four cylinder (N20 based engine) and that it may have less power than the 1M currently has. Why a turbo four? Presumably, because the new M3/M4 will be powered by a twin or tri turbo reworked N55 engine (or its successor). So it wouldn't come as a surprise that the M2 (1M successor) will be powered by a turbo four.

I wonder then, what will become of the M135i F20? Perhaps this model will go away once the M2 is released for sale on the market. Surely, BMW would not sell a 320 HP six cylinder M135i alongside an M2 powered by a four cylinder with not much more power.

This really is not new news. Scott reported this down sizing thinking before the 1M was even released for sale (see previous report). This is just the first time since then it has been mentioned again.


Scott26 recent post:
Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
...Although work has commenced on the "Downsized" M, The M2 or the replacement for the most admired 1er M Coupe.

It is known as the "Downsized" M because BMW M are investigating the concept of a completely reworked N20 based four cylinder in terms of the successor to the 1M offering the same recipe as before but with lower weight but still offering the entry to M ownership with the key of precision rather than outright power.