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Originally Posted by Cortexiphan View Post
Of course owning an iPhone does not make you automatically smart, educated, technically savvy. But statistically speaking, you're most likely to be in that group if you're using an iPhone. Reference: every single freaking research that has ever been done. Is this that hard to understand or accept?
And I think, if you wanna look cool or different and you're in that 'upper class' circles, you would have a better shot with an Android that nobody have seen, because all those people are on iPhones already. That would be like taking a surface book in Pixar or NASA or Google which all use Macs or Linux only. Everybody would be curious about your hybrid Windows laptop in those environments.

So this is number one.
Second, you say "As you've just demonstrated". Did I demonstrate that by explaining the technical reasons behind iPhone battery stuff to a person who claims who knows but has no idea? And who calls iPhone owners nazis and racist? Which one is tech savvy? Of course the guy who doesn't know anything, and who call people nazis, because he's on your side? Great. I also gave a tech savvy explanation about Apple's and Google's approval process, which I've been through many times. I managed Android software development projects, and used Android for months (unfortunately) before some launches. So I don't see why you're mocking with my tech savviness? Oh well, I know, I'm not on your side. So I'm a nazi, I'm not educated, tech savvy, whatever right?

Oh also, all software has bugs. No matter what you do, you will ship some bugs.

Dude, you need to calm down. You're in such a rage that you fail to see what anyone is saying. You are acting very closed minded and elitist. This is what cult people do. That is what racists do. That is what Nazis do. Look in the mirror hard tonight. You need help.

Apple is the best company in the world at marketing and brainwashing. The enlightened people are the ones who see through that propaganda and consciously choose Android. If for no other reason, it is because we believe in freedom of thought.