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It's about the times we live in.
Everything has to be politically correct. Cars must protect pedestrians. Cars must not wake the neighbours. Cars must not burn too much petrol. Cars have to comply to a thousand regulations.

If BMW comes up with products that comply to these regulations, but finds ways to still excite people with their 'drivers cars' then that's OK.
It's just the engineers trying at their best to deliver what the audience expects, while adhering to politics and regulations.

This trend is just starting. Expect it to get worse over the next 20 to 30 years. So enjoy it while you can. Enjoy your old NA engines if you have them, enjoy your new turbo engines with a small sound tweak if you got one of those.

Who knows when we'll all drive silent electric cars...

PS: I'm not going to debate whether BMW should have been more transparent about this 'feature.'