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#1 Audis, especially anything less than a5, are a Volkswagen. They are cheap and lack soul and they are a buzz kill to drive. It seems now that in pursuit of profit beem will have to make some of this variety of cars. That doesn't mean the others will suck as well.

#2 BMW will always make a drivers car. You may have to pay more or it now, but they will always have one car that is a pure fun car. The e46 m3 used to be that car, the 1M is currently that car, there will be a successor if the 1M turns into a pussy mobile.

I agree though that there will never gain be a car of the same caliber as the E3x/4x M3s.

I personally am going to grab up a couple of them right now while the supply of used, actually good ones is plentiful because it seems that the well will soon run dry. Haha.
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