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Originally Posted by sonicbimmer19 View Post
I thought both 1 series and 2 series were more comparable to A3.. both about the same size.
For the past and current 1 series models, this is true.

A1 is like TINY. It makes Mini Cooper look small. So I don't know how 1 series 3/5 doors are going to be more comparable to A1 than A3.
Because there will be different sized models as mentioned. So, the Urbanic 3/5 door models will compete with the A1 3/5 door models, while the standard 3/5 door 1 series hatchbacks (what we have today, though future versions will be based on the UKL platform and be FWD) will be in the same segment as the A3 3/5 door hatchbacks.

2 series is competitor to A3 but 1 series is competitor to A1?
The 2 Series will be coupe/convertible, so there is no equivalent Audi really. You could count the TT, but the back seat in the coupe is less functional than what the 2 will offer, and the roadster does not have a back seat at all obviously.

Although you could also say that, loosely, the 2 Series GC will compete with the A3 sedan, I suppose. However, the future 1 Series sedan is probably the more natural comparison.