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Originally Posted by formula M View Post
I don't want my car lying to me... this crap and automatics cheapen the car's feel.

Those who want "awesome" sound are in it for superficial reasons, most likely because they out of tune from their car anyways and have no pulse of things. These type, typically ride in their cars, not commune with it, like a driver.

Ironically, poser-fake sounds, are all their^ really after... omgbbq!
You are the only one hearing it inside the car. Outside it is quiet, so this is not a poser thing. It is about sound regulations making the cars more quiet. It must be compensated inside the car. They used to do that by piping, but the car manufacturers can tune the sound better with a digital approach, to give the driver MORE feedback. I am the kind of driver that prefers a manual gearbox and instant response from the car, and I like this sound trick. Very nice for track driving when you wear a full face helmet.