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B48 engine oil top-up between oil service intervals

Hi guys!

I am the second owner of an f20 lci, 125i, 2017. I bought the car 4 months ago with 153k km (95k miles) on the clock.

Soon as I bought the car it was not really necessary but I did an oil change. Now, at 158k km (98k miles) the oil level is slightly lower. The car didn't put up the oil top-up waring because it's not yet on minimum. I know that between min and max it's 1 liter so basically after a few measurements the car used ~ 400 ml in 5000 km (3k miles). The car had the standard European service intervals done at 30k km (18k miles) for the past years. I'm planning to do them at maximum 12k km (8k miles) from now on.

For me the oil consumption is not that bad giving the car's high mileage and the running conditions for the past 4 months (high summer temps, 160 km/h - highway speed for 90% of the time).

I wanted to know your opinion and if you also do top-ups between oil service intervals.

PS: am I the only one who misses the good old oil dipstick?
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