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Originally Posted by i128 View Post

In addition, I'd like to know what % of people that drive BMWs are truly enthusiast? as opposed to badge whores.
There is something inbetween a badge whore and a true enthusiast though! I have driven a few M cars and a C63 right now, future plans on the next M3/M4 but I don't track my cars as many M buyers do not, so does that mean I am a badge whore? I think not, to me a badge whore is someone who has the cash to spend and thats why they buy the car but they have no intention of utilizing the cars power/abilities, I see it all the time in super expensive cars (caugh, porsche, caugh) where people drive slow as hell and flat out do not know how to drive, but they have the cash and want the nicest things... Do I gun it at every stop light, of course not, but when I have a nice open stretch or get pissed off at the Acura TL next to me, do I utilize my car, yes, yes I do! I like how the M/AMG/S cars handle and accelerate compared to the base versions, so am I a badge whore? Seems like that term is thrown around too much on these forums, and based on how the term is used 99% of M owners should be considered it,

I agree with another post saying there is a market between a 335i and M3 because the price difference for a fully loaded version of each is about $20K, I just don't like them using the M in the naming of it, its going to get too confusing. I guess we are all too used to the "M" and what it stood for in the past, Audi has had "S" and "RS" for a while although the "S" has been getting more and more watered down (used to compete with M, now it competes with "is"). Please BMW, rethink how you are going to name these in the US, I understand 335is, 135is don't market it the correct way, but M335, M135 is not the answer either, why not stick to what you do with the 5 series? 528i, 535i, 550i, whats wrong with a 150i or 350i?

How about RM3 ("R"eal M 3)