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Originally Posted by m630 View Post
Its not insulting at all unless one is posing, I grew up the same way loving the brand and the cars, and have owned them for my past 20+ years on the road. Its a fact, when you are envious of someone else, its comical. If it affects you, find another brand, but theres nothing that you or I can do to change this. I was a hater when M announced trucks and turbos and I wont be buying the new M6 due to this change in engine philosophy, but its not the case that I wont by another BMW, I just know now that the company has a different focus and I dont have to have the M to enjoy my ride. Time marches on, you either accept it or it pass you by, but it wont change. Just appreciate what you have and dont worry that I have something as nice, or nicer, it doesnt affect your life, and that my only point. There is no exclusivity in these cars, just in ones mind.
Well that's sort of what I mean, as they are losing a customer. I'm not sure if M offers the kind of approach I'd be interested in again for as repeat buyer of my next vehicle. I get it, as they are probably gaining 4 fans for every 1 purist lost. Plenty of other cars to choose from so I'm not too worried. I don't think that rationale is funny or weird in any way.
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