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It is good to see the debate. 'Beauty' or 'Beast'. Like in the tale, it depends on your point of view, likes and dislikes.
I do not particularly like the look of the urban line with those white bits, however it works for many.

M Sport is a looker in certain colours ('colors' USA) when you see one on the road.

In particular, the M Sport version in Estoril Blue with BMW performance enhansments. I am bias of course.

I do not like the look of a Porsche that much either, and the Bugatti was voted the ugliest Super car in 2009, but you have to admit you would drive one given the oportunity.

The only view on the F20/ F21 I was not keen on originally was the back quarter panel behind the rear window when viewed from the the front quarter. It looks a bit fat (not Phat).

This does not worry me at all, as I will be inside, having the driving experience. Drive one, then state your case. It is not an ugly place to be, and once driven, the outside looks great.

You also have to consider that BMW does not want the 1er to outshine the 3er or 5er
and it opens the way for a hard core 2er coupe or M to come in.
The 1er is a 'put a smile on your face' car.
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