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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
Originally Posted by Soorena

The Mercedes-Benz SLK and SL are possibly the worst Mercedes-Benz models ever designed and are by products of an erratic design phase.
Its like two cars stuck together - All angular and sharp at the front with a curvier design at the rear , some say this is because the folding hardtops are carried over from the previous generations. But industry rumours at the IAA point to both receiving a heavy facelift when their mid-life approaches.
This has to be one of the very rare moments when i agree with you. The SLK looks horrible and the SL lost it's luxury touch IMO. Very unattractive cars.

The only car which enjoys true success in the Roadster segment is the Porsche Boxster , Audi can justify the TT because of its VAG underpinnings.
SLK is having the same problems as the Z4.
That's my point. SLK is not selling well, yet AMG still offers one. They even gave it a unique engine. M can just drop a S65 in Z4, they don't need to design a new engine.

Additional Z4 models do not make the numbers fit and there is far greater demand from the SUV segment especially for performance SUVs.
The markets have changed and sports car drivers in this age have families and other responsibilities.
That's saddening.

In regards to the M770i which I am not sure how that title fits especially with a 760Li as your supposed flagship?
Due to the advent of the next generation 7er and its new approach to weight reduction. People are actually talking about but not committing yet about a potential M7. There is nothing to announce yet because it is at this stage a potential idea but the possibilities exist to make it happen especially with the next generation architecture and body construction being introduced with the next 7er.
But someone actually in BMW is thinking about a potential M7, but no Z4 M, right?

The core BMW portfolio will enter the Carbon Age beginning with the next 7er with an aim to bring new innovation from BMWi to the luxury sedan segment. If we take the BMW 7er eDRIVE for example which will weigh around or just over the current F10 BMW 520d. BMW are not deceiving you when they say this will be the most technologically advanced 7er yet.
Good piece of news.
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