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Originally Posted by Soorena View Post
Big selling this, big selling that. With all these big selling number cars they make they get enough profit so they can make low selling cars, don't they? Tell your opinion to MB, they have SLK55 AMG which sold LESS than Z4 M. Same goes for the TT-RS. And FYI, it's not always about selling. BMW simply just built M1 for homologation so they could race them. They didn't care about selling. You may find it hard to believe, but there was a time when BMW did not just focus on how to make more money.
Yes, there was also a time when BMW was nearly bought up by Daimler-Benz. I suppose you'd be happy for that to happen? Although on the subject of the competition, Mercedes (who are a Brand owned by a larger group) will sell you buses, lorries and vans, all carrying the Mercedes Benz logo - they will even sell you AMG accessories for the Vans... You probably have a hissy-fit meltdown if BMW started putting it's logo's on such commercial vehicles (with M accessories) -- so really, how much do you want BMW to be like Mercedes, a brand who have been selling FWD vehicles with their badge on them far longer than BMW have?? And, what about Audi, the wholly (99%) owned subsidiary of, and financially supported, by Volkswagen (one of the worlds largest car manufacturers) that does not have to worry about shareholders at all, who have been selling FWD premium vehicles for decades.... yes maybe BMW should become part of the VW group That would make you happy too I guess.

Originally Posted by Soorena View Post
They made and will make M versions of their SUV's. Wasn't X4 confirmed to have a future M version? I also remember hearing about M770 or something. As for the FWD cars, i'm pretty sure there will be M FWD cars. M means more buyers, and for BMW more buyers are welcome even if it costs them the brand soul. And the RR was a joke, unlikely to happen but from this BMW anything is possible.
X4M hasn't materialised yet, though I grant you it is very likely. But there is no X1 or X3 M or M performance -- so again, I think you exaggerate... as for the M770, again a rumour, maybe when it turns out to be real you can complain about the M badge being whored out on a 100,000 car...

.. will there be FWD M's, there could be... is it definite? No.. will it be "all" of them... No. So again I think you exaggerate.

But since you are so welcome to speculation, and take it as gospel, then you shouldn't be complaining, because it's speculated that a modern M1 is on it's way... you choose not to believe this rumour though you so keen to believe all the others.

Originally Posted by Soorena View Post
I stand by my statement about real enthusiasts. BMW got big because of their cars were appeal to a certain group of people. But now BMW is much bigger because everyone and their mom have a BMW and that's the point. For being an enthusiasts you don't have to drive an M1 or M3. The guy that drives his E30 320i and enjoy it is an enthusiast. What a E30 driver would chose in your opinion? Z4 M a car that performs or a i8, a Prius supercar?
You need to take you rose-tinted nostalgia goggles off. BMW has always made models that appeal to the everyday buyer, not just "enthusiasts", yes, there's always been more driver focused machines, but then, there's always been simpler, less powerful cars to support them, and sustain the brand.

You last question is a funny one... I had a 4 door E30 320i for a couple of years, I've had a number of old BMW's (E24, E28, E30, E34), I'm far more interested in the older models than the new to be honest... so what do you think I would choose, an i8 or Z4M?....

I'll give you a clue.. it starts with an 'i', not a 'Z'.

Originally Posted by Soorena View Post
And by the CSL comment, i pointed to the stripped out interior. By removing all the unneeded extra equipment you can save so much weight at a cheap price.
Fair enough, removing stuff to save weight is simple, effective and relatively cheap. But you suggested that it was some magic formula that only M really understood, whereas actually - this is a concept understood for decades by nearly all the car manufacturers.. and a lot of the weight saving in CSL was made by using expensive lightweight metals, and CFRP.

You can have your opinion, but at least try to see both sides before you bury your head in enthusiast sand.
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