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I have no problems with the 3 things you are not impressed with. I don't have servotronic, I see the instrument panel just fine, and the interior light is fine.

There are however some other details I don't like:

- Sliding armrest. What is the point of this? Sometimes I want to readjust in the seat with my weight on my elbow when it slides forward. Annoying. It is also in the way when I want to steer with the seat in a low position. Need to fold it up for advanced driving.

- Blinker stalk. When I want to indicate left and then right, I have to "double click" right. The old stalks were a lot better.

- Engine braking. When going downhill, I need very high RPM to get sufficient engine braking, due to small engine with low friction.

- Turbo lag. When driving autoX, there is some lag before the engine power kicks back in after braking.

- Lack of engine temperature gauge in the instrument panel.

Otherwise I am very impressed with the 116i!