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Originally Posted by Taipei-TT
Well put on the design and market segment aspect Scott26.

Again, the strongest negative comments come from those who have never seen the car. Those of us who have seen the car in a dealership and on the road almost universally say "Looks a lot better than the pictures" or "It's really growing on me."

I've never seen a community of car enthusiasts more conservative than the ones on this board. I'm not saying that in a bad way. Just time and time again, when a new model is revealed, everyone freaks out only to find that in a few years that model is on their driveway and they like it.
Totally agree.

I dont think it's conservative, I think people just shoot from the hip with an opinion before they see the car in person. On the Internet, people do nothing but judge it by the cover.

Ever been on a forum and have a new race track be introduced? . People leap out of their chairs to review the sketches and declare a track " boring" before its even paved or before they see an elevation map etc, lol.

The majority of these comments about how "ugly " the f20 is are from people who have not seen it in person. Half of them will change their mind in a few years and 20 percent will probably end up owning one lol.

I am not a fan of the triangular headlights, but they definitely don't photo well. The car in person looks handsome and the headlights don't jump out at you like they do in photos.
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