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Originally Posted by ///1M View Post
Let the 1M run another lap, this time with comparable tires (PSS), and the gap should widen a bit.
In fact, one thing that must be changed first is the person who drives the 1M, then yes put same tires and do the test same day, one after another. Remember, through all the text of the 1M 2011 Super Test von Saurma was complaining a lot because of the stock suspension setting, how uncomfortable it was etc. He was neither happy nor at the limit while driving the 1M on the ring. Still, on another and shorter track (Hockenheim) he did a great time (1.14.1) which is quite clearly quicker than M135i time (1.15.7) and his own E92 M3 time too (1.14.2). Something between himself, the 1M and the Ring did not connect beautifully that day I guess, that's why I don't like comparing tests made on different times with different conditions.

Despite PSS and adaptive suspension advantages on the test M135i there is still some difference between the two, you guys need to compare more data from the two tests, google it in German and more data pops up! What strikes me most is the two cars are underrated almost exactly the same percentage of hp and tq from BMW, the new test quotes M135i 340 ps and 493 nm crank dynoed by Sport Auto (BMW says, 320 and 450 respectively) while we all know now that stock 1Ms avarage dynoes are around 360 hp and 550 nm and usually a bit more (BMW says 340 ps and 450+50 nm). Also interesting is BMW says M135i quite lighter than the 1M but when Sport Auto weighed them opposite came out: 1513 kg for 1M vs 1520 kg for the hatch.

5th and 6th gear, in-gear acceleration times are .5 seconds faster for the 1M as the straight line accleration to all marks are similarly faster. This is due to more power but similar weight of 1M I guess (maybe tested M135i was too loaded, don't know the real reason yet). Also high speed lane change and slalom results favor 1M etc.

Bottomline is there is some performance difference between a 1M and M135i but factor it to price difference the new hatch shines. It really is a great time and the car is the best super hatch, period. Would I change it to a 1M even if the numbers would be much better, no, never because I like the old school straight forward simplicity and roughness of the M car, not because it is much more performant than the new hatch which it isn't. But as I said earlier the new hatch would be the ideal second car for me in 5 door and 8 speed auto, especially if they fix the looks of the front end!
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