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Interesting update - UKL is a modular chassis and can be adapted/subtracted as FWD or RWD.

Full decision on the 2er is not final yet (full decision will be taken by the end of the year) and can use the UKL chassis but can adapted for RWD. (BMW M are fighting for RWD because the M2 is apparently even more outstanding than the 1er M Coupe)

What the strategy aims to show is a split between the 1er and 2er , but vehicles that cannot compromise on space and versatility will be addressed via FWD namely the 1er , X1 , X2 and Active/Gran Tourers.
This is the 1er Sedan but the strategy involves a 2er Gran Coupe. So that compact entry lines will mirror the upper segments in the BMW portfolio.

The G chassis or 35Up is too expensive to use for smaller compact cars and therefore starts with the 3er or in the case of the first entry model the G01 X3.

This the 1er Sedan and when I saw it today along with the Discovery Sport-ish X1 X-Sport.
First thing immediately is you get E46 Goose-pimples. It is that similar in profile. But the detail is modern BMW, the headlights connect to the grille similar to the 1er Render but to distinguish sedan from hatch there is a flick at the inner edge close to the grille.
The rear lights are in the typical L shape but more angular in shape.
The model was a styling model so no interior.
But I seen a preview of the new interior which includes extra surfaces and additional (as optional) passenger display interface. The ergonomics are as evolutionary as today's car with controls placed high for easy reach.

The X1 X-Sport (extended X1) is having an "Outdoor" version prepared that adds thicker wheel arches and more cladding to the underbody with a slight raise in suspension height. The X1Xsport is exclusively xDrive and a seven seater. There will be base models what with X line etc. it brings back a more utilityappearance like the first generation X3 which surprisingly some customers missed on the LCi because it was far more durable and could handle stone chips better than the painted surface updates.
Originally intended for China exclusively. This model will now be available in all key markets.
The M850i is evidence that BMW have got their mojo back when it comes to dynamic sports cars...