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I installed the box on Friday and over the weekend I had the chance to do around 200 miles. The increase in power is noticable, but only on full throttle and high speeds. From standstil to 120 km/h, the power increase is not very noticable. However, when I accelerated from 60 km/h to 200 km/h, the increased power is noticable after 120 km/h (approximately) when you feel the car pulling faster and more eagerly.

It reminded me a lot of how the 118i drives...the power difference is more noticable on higher speeds. I did not notice any increase on consumption. I did not run any comparison tests, since I could not get hold of a normal 116i with auto box. As a summary I would say (just a feel, I do not have any numbers to back it up) that it was like driving a 118i.

The installation is very easy. There is a harness from the control box (with one plug to the box) to 5 different sensors (turbo pressure, camshaft position etc.) plus a cable to power supply and a cable for grounding. All in all it takes about 45' for a proper intallation.

Tonight I will post a few pics.
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