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      07-02-2015, 09:55 PM   #1
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Power Magic install for F20

Due to 2 recent events with my car I've installed a Blackvue DR650 front and back.

1st event - my local council did this to my car (sprayed every single surface with road compound, hit driver side front corner). I work at a local hospital as a doctor doing night shifts and didn't read the check my letter box as I was at work that the road where I live would be closed. I only assume that the road workers were annoyed that a BMW owner left their car on the road in their way as they literally pained around my car then stopped their work. Lucky someone witnessed my car being parked on road and my insurer (AAMI) pursued the local council's contractor Downer. Downer Group at the time told me to deal with it myself and use kerosene then refused to return my phone calls.

2nd event - blokes I normally see in ED and Mental Health with what I'm presuming was the drug ice onboard tried an unproved attack on my pregnant girlfriend and myself at traffic lights, lucky my M135 was quicker than his motorbike and we got away. It was so serious during the pursuit I thought I might need to run the guy over. I called the Police afterwards who said I should have called 000 at the time, but I was in the thick of it trying to stay alive it didn't cross my mind unfortunately. And the rat bag had his number plate folded upwards so we couldn't read it.

And.... first drive after Blackvue install this little gem:
(click here)

The blackvue install is very simple, just stick to windows and feed the cables under edge trim. No tools needed. My front camera is just under the mirror on windscreen and cables tuck easily and out of sight without any trim removal, just under the rubber trim.

The supplied cables with Blackvue DR650 are long enough such that you can run both the power lead and the rear camera lead to the rear of the car. It saves all the messing around you see with accessing dashboard or trying to feed nicely into the front cig lighters. I really recommend running the power lead to the rear, it's no more work than running the single rear camera lead. And you can access the rear fuse box a hell of a lot easier than the front one.

BTW the fuse diagram was found on my rear fuse box if you can't find yours.

If you dont have a powermagic, you could simply plug into the boot cigarette lighter which is what I did for a few weeks until I had time to find a suitable circuit to plug into. Hopefully this guide others.

I installed my Blackvue similar to this (I'm not covering the blackvue install unless people have specific questions):
But I tried to make the rear wiring a heap easier, and NOT access the battery directly but rather through the fuse system which is VERY easy. Doesn't require any specialist knowledge.

Tools and bits needed:
Large TORX key
Pliers to crimp the fuse holder onto Powermagic cables
Powermagic bits and pieces
2 x mini blade fuse holder (for example from ebay or this one)

1. Install Blackvue camera with power cable running to rear of car on side of cigarette lighter in boot (driver side for RHD vehicles)
- let me know if specific questions. However, have a look here:
- to remove the boot hatch liner, I found an online picture somewhere but can't find it again. so do this;

2. Remove rear plastic bin on side of cigarette lighter (driver side for RHD vehicles)

3. Lift up and remove boot liner to expose battery bay and rear fuse box

4. Remove strap down bolt with TORX screw
5. Feed the Powermagic cable from boot bin under the rear trim into the battery bay area, this way you avoid having to feed through the 12V socket through narrow space. Connect the Blackvue 12V power plug into the Powermagic 12V female plug.

Close-up covering steps 6->8

6. Loosen one of the amplifier bolts and use that as your earth for Powermagic
7. Remove Fuse 130 and the fuse you remove, place into the lower section of your mini blade fuse holder, and put the fuse that came with your fuse holder into the higher section (thus using BMW fuse for the car and whatever cheap chinese one that you received for the blackvue - I figure the car is far more valuable than my blackvue). Plug in the mini fuse holder into Fuse 130, then connect this to the Powermagic ORANGE Cable, I just used pliers to crimp the orange cable into the mini fuse holder. This gives the powermagic power at all times (it's what keeps the parking mode working)
8. Remove Fuse 148 and just like step 6, but the BMW fuse into the lower section and cheap fuse into higher section of mini piggy back fuse holder. Crimp with pliers the Powermagic RED cable into Fuse 148.

9. Turn engine on, (initially I didn't do this and got stuck, as the Powermagic LED didn't light up, I then disassembled everything and checked voltages again, sat inside the car with it locked and went through every fuse, I was correct but it didn't work. Thought I had a dud Powermagic. But simply turn the engine on, that seems to be needed to initialise the PowerMagic. It wont turn on unless the ORANGE and RED leds have power running, after turning engine on it has worked flawlessly.)

I like the way I have done this as I can access the Power Magic and fusebox very easily and also the 12V power plug for the Blackvue.

Good luck, let me know if any steps need clarifying.

Here's the fuse diagrams too:

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      12-12-2015, 08:10 AM   #2

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Thanks heaps for this, helped me a lot with installation of my own 650-2ch. Just wanted to add a couple of things:

1. I routed the rear camera cable through the rubber tubing in the boot. The tubing pulls right off which makes it much easier to thread through. You can then grab it by pulling back the harder trim piece below the roof lining.

2. Fuse 130 turns off after a while. After a bit of messing about, I used fuse 104, although I have no idea what it does (the symbol looks like a wifi logo). 103 and 101 also stay on. Does anyone know what these fuses are for?
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      12-16-2015, 04:50 AM   #3

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Could do with some smaller photos.....
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