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Cool BMW M135i Tuned by Sportec, Up to 370 HP

BMW M135i Tuned by Sportec, Up to 370 HP

Making its debut at the 2013 Geneva motor show is this M135i F21 hatchback, by Swiss tuner, Sportec.

Sportec's tuning program offers two stages. The first stage includes software tuning only, which upgrades the M135i's N55 power output to 355 hp (from the factory 315 hp). The second stage includes the software upgrades from Stage 1, plus downpipes and new exhaust system (with titanium tail pipes), which combine to give the M135i 370 hp.

At 370 hp, Sportec claims that the M135i's 0-62 mph (0-100 kmh) time drops to just 4.6 seconds, with a top speed of 171 mph (up from 155 mph from the factory).

The Sportec M135i rides on a set of lightweight 19" forged SP10 wheels (available in matte titanium, semi gloss black or white).

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