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Wow. I can't believe I'm typing this, but this a first for me. I really really hate the design.

I've always liked BMW's some less than others (such as the current 1 series), but this is probably the first time that I have actually felt nothing but repulsion. It's those headlights and the front end. I like the interior and I could live with the rather bland taillights/rear end since it's an entry level Bimmer, but those headlights are such a departure from all that is sacred...WTF???

I was really looking forward to the new design considering the 5 series is so awesome and is such a huge success already. Why not use use that winning formula in a smaller/lighter package?? To me, it seemed like a blatantly obvious cash cow...but they missed it and missed it horribly.

I've lost hope for the 2's and fear for the worst with the 3's.