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Originally Posted by yuyue View Post
I would choose the audi every time between these two....
I should actually agree with you,,but no. Audi design philosophy is something I call OVERDONE & UNBALANCE.

Ohh man,,, maybe something is really wrong with me. Yesterday,, when the first time I saw these official pictures,,I thought it looks kindda ugly,,too cute,,VW polo like,,something is not right,,, i did not see the way that it will grow on me at all (but still little hope for M-sport),,,HOWEVER,,,THINGS CHANGE!! WTF?!

I don't know why but after I zoomed in to those sport line pictures and took a look for a little while,,,my mind just came up with,,,"WTF? Why do I kindda start to like it?" I know that headlight is still kindda weird,,,look like it is kindda TOO BIG,,off proportion,,,but I think It actually fit the car,,also as the taillight,,,very VW Polo,,,but once I look at it as a whole,,I just thinkk,,umm,,not badd,,,still,, It is really hard to explain why the hel in the world i'm starting to like it,,, I really think that it will looks better on person + M-Sport will do it.