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Can u respond on the legitamacy of these pictures? I hesitate to comment, because (as many people had said) 30yr old are buying these, not 14 year old girls.

As the design of these cars cannot possible be correct. Right? The whole design element isn't even BMW.. the cantered kidney grill is a no-no...!

As it stand right now it looks like an econobox...
These are the real deal yes and in real life you can see all the visual aspects of the front especially the key detail of the front of the car.
EU Pedestrian legislation has changed car design and the 1er conforms to the latest and future legislation.

The 1er for BMW is a Compact car, and thus in europe you can have a 116i just as later we will get a 135i Sporthatch. If that is what you term "econobox" in the US then you have no worries - The 1er Sporthatch will not be coming to North America. I like the car even though I seen it years ago.

What I like about it is that it now showcases identity. In a segment where everyone looks to the benchmark "VW Golf" BMW designers went another route. In reality the car is striking and really brings out all the visible design features in Titanium Silver and lighter metallics. I like the headlights because they are influenced by camera lenses and of course they resort to the latest LED technology. The interior is very premium - quality now is on a higher level and the large fixed screen gives a Premium feel from the larger 6er - The 3er also receives the same idea. Material quality now uses grained high quality plastics and of course leg and head room is much improved for rear passengers. The rear of the car is simple evolutionary design from the E87. BMW 1er (F20) was designed back in 2006/2007.

To make an informed decision you have to see the car for itself.
Step 1.