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The sad part is both the Miata and S2000 are guess what, RWD!

BMW wishes a FWD Z2 will drive well like a Miata, or even a S2000. Well, actually, BMW wishes they could build a roadster like Miata.
In fact, the Miata is THE benchmark for entry level roadsters. It has been praised by people world wide for over 15 years. I really can't imagine a FWD Z2 can even touch the MX-5 Miata in price and performance.

By performance, i don't just mean engine displacement or HP output. drive-ability, handling, fun factor are all part of it.

Originally Posted by pyrat View Post
Scott, the enthusiasts feel slapped in the face by the Z2 being FWD - clearly it seems BMW is favoring sales volume over quality sports car with a Z3-like cult following.

We don't want a BMW miata, don't want a BMW S2000, we as you said, want the rebirth of the Z3, its intimate size, its great handling.

A few weeks ago I was starting to think Z2 was axed altogether because of BMW silence, now with its picture on the front page of bimmerpost I celebrated, but FWD has crushed any dreams of a nice small BMW roadster (and maybe coupe).

I see that the Z2 may not have any 6 cylinder offering, and I'm ok with that - would work fine in a small car, but for the love of spirited driving, make the Z2 RWD.

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