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Rear-wheel drive.

BMW's characteristic agility and dynamic performance are the keys to driving pleasure. Rear-wheel drive is an important part of this, providing ideal thrust for perfect performance.

The best solution for vehicle dynamics is the standard drive, with the engine at the front and the drive force at the back, a division of labour that has a positive influence on steering, motion and comfort. Rear-wheel drive enables the characteristic BMW weight distribution of almost exactly 50% on the front axle and 50% on the rear. This near-perfect 50:50 weight distribution ensures neutral self-steering behaviour.
When accelerating, the dynamic axle load distribution is influenced by inertial forces at the vehicle’s centre of gravity in such a way that the rear axles receive more drive force. Any increase in the vehicle’s weight further increases the rear wheels' load, so the more your BMW is carrying, the greater the traction it has.
An even load on the (normally) equal-sized wheels also permits an even distribution of lateral forces between the two axles. Separating drive force from steering commands delivers smoother handling without any loss in propulsion. It also enables the front axle to be shifted closer to the nose of the vehicle, allowing for an eye-catching long wheelbase, as well as contributing to improved roll correction and sound damping.