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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
Where are you getting information that the 3er is going FWD?
It is not. The next 3er due before the end of the decade is still RWD.

The Audi A3 is FWD.

So the only thing that made the 1 ser stand out from Audi A3 (a much better designed care we can all agree - even bmw itself doesnt believe in the 1ser design otherwise it would not be making such a huge LCI redisgn to the front) was the fact that it was rwd and a better drivers car. Now with the now infamous bmw no feel esp across the entire range and no rwd, I can only imagine what bmw marketing boys must be going through...

So porsche now make the better drivers cars, merc the more luxurius/confortable and Audi the best looking, where does that leave bmw?

And from your quote the 3ser is still rwd, does that mean in 2 gen it will gor fwd too?

You boys in Munchen really need to start looking within, I can even lend you one of my boys if you need to start making great cars again. Just look at the new MX5 that came out today. Still RWD - not like the future Z a car I was really interested in until I found it will be fwd, smaller (yes bmw not every new gen needs to grow 10cm - someone clearly has a "size issue" in Munchen), and almost 10% lighter than previous gen (bmw saying that a car that weights 2 tonnes like the X5 and saying its lighter than its previous gen and when I read the small lines its only 15kg less!! 15kg yes, thats hardly lighter.