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Lightbulb BMW 1 Series Sedan (F52) Emerges (updated with first video)

BMW 1 Series Sedan Emerges!

Updated January 27, 2016: BMW 1 Series Prototype Drops Some Camouflage.

BMW 1 Series Sedan Prototype Drops Some Camouflage

First video:

We've finally spotted BMW's answer to the Mercedes CLA and Audi A3 sedan. The F52 1 Series Sedan is built upon the FWD platform which will also underpin the the next generation 1 Series hatchback and 2 Series Coupe/Convertible to follow after this sedan. It will also be offered with AWD xDrive.

BMW has previously gone on the record as saying that it "sees little need for a sedan smaller than the 3-Series," but it seems that the company has either reversed course, or were masking their plans from competitors until now.

Engine offerings will top out at 4 cylinders. The 1 Series sedan will come in 120i and 125i models - source (ynguldyn).

Stay updated via our homepage as we bring you more coverage and developments.

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BMW 1 Series Sedan (F52) - March 18, 2015 - Nurburgring testing for first time

BMW 1 Series Sedan (F52) - March 2, 2015 - cold climate testing

BMW 1 Series Sedan (F52) - November 7, 2014 update with interior photos

BMW 1 Series Sedan (F52) - September 23, 2014 Update

BMW 1 Series Sedan (F52)