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No, not really

Originally Posted by cc3 View Post
Yes I think that's the term he gave to it. M135i had a serious issue with aquaplaning
With respect, blaming any model car for what happened on Top Gear is a little silly. Aquaplaning is a function of the depth of water on the road, the speed, the tyre inflation and the tyre tread's ability to shift water.

What caused the accident was hitting deep water at 120 mph

What we saw was just a serious lack of good judgement and driving skill. 120mph on a road with lots of standing water is an accident looking for someplace to happen. In this case it happened.

In Germany where autobahns are often unlimited, there are often 80kph speed limits applied when the road is wet. Travelling at 193kph on a very wet road is simply ignorant, and clearly demonstrated what can happen to any car when water builds up in front of the tyre