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Hey guys thanks for the quick replies..

sooteyvrs nope never driven a 135 i did test a 116d and i was very impressed and it can only improve with a dose more BHP
I can't remember when i tested the car if it had a start button i don't think that it did, Not sure i'll get used to it, but it sounds cool so where does the key go?

Currently i have a cheap sony radio in the impreza, it looks like its a prop from a transformer movie and not as easy to understand. But what it does do very well is bluetooth. I stream music, podcasts & audibooks etc i hardly ever listen to the radio and have never used the CD.

I also use my phone as a satnav, so my reasoning for the business media is that with my phone nestled in the centre console i will need a navigation system since i won't be able to look at the phone

It surprises me that info on this is so difficult to find my local dealer didn't have a clue they have no idea how a modern smart phone is used

Ill probably have a load more questions, the new car is all i can think about at the moment, i need to get back to work on monday to take my mind off it