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Originally Posted by tombo
Hi all

this is my first post on the forum..

My subaru has been great car, 6 years and 100k but now and i need something new. So i have signed a lease on an m135i. Its going to be a completely different drive to the impreza more power but less grip and way more refined.
Only problem i have to wait till March to get it

Its a minimal spec 5 door white manual i added business media because i wanted to make sure my iphone would work with it but i am still not convinced i needed it
The way i was thinking as its a lease i wanted minimum cost, if I specced it up I would be just making a nicer car for the next owner.

But now i am feeling some configuration remorse should i have gone for the auto box, i could prabably change the spec if i call the dealer this week

Also do these cars have an engine start button or is switched on with a key its impossible to find out via bmw website

Congrats on the car,
It will be nice to hear your comparison of the m135i to the impreza when you do get it.

Car is push button start, I think bus media spec can be a little disappointing, it's either worth going the whole way I not at all IMO.

I took the auto box after only having manuals. I would still like to drive a manual 135 see what it's like but the type of driving I do an auto suits best.

The wait is a killer, I got mine sept and there has barely been a dry day, can't really say I've opened it up properly, atleast there's a nice surprise for the summer!