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Originally Posted by mowflow View Post
God! The student grant system in Australia must be good. Students here can't even afford gears on their push bikes never mind brand new BMWs.

Anyway. I know I've got the d but I test drove a 125i. It was very good but as others have said, it doesn't make much noise. I had a 3.0 z4 just before the f20 so similar engine to that in the older 135i in that it has the correct number of cylinders. The noise of a BMW straight 6 is simply sublime. You would enjoy the 135i but you would feel slightly down about the dated equipment and interior every time you saw an f20. Where as if you bought the f20 you'd nearly always lust after a straight 6 howl. I suppose you could improve it somewhat with an exhaust and filter.
BTW, I have never used any student grants or government help ever (not in school nor in UNI) and im on 4th year engineering! I worked for my money and saved all up instead of wasting on alcohol/drugs like most people my age.

Yes the 4 cylinder isnt that amazing sound as the 6 cylinder, but i guess ill keep saving so that my next one is a M135i.

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