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Originally Posted by frashed View Post

In regards to the sound... the 135i oozes character, whereas the 125i leaves a lot to be desired in my opinion - and that's my biggest gripe. I was expecting the 2.0 Turbo to produce a much more aggressive sound under load than the 1.6 in my previous R56 Cooper S; it doesn't. Putting it in to Sport mode livens things up but it's more induction noise than a growl from the rear end. The engine sounds great from inside the cabin, but if you're wanting to turn heads with a screaming exhaust then you'd have to look at aftermarket options.

Hope that helps...
As above, this is my only gripe with the 125i.

I'm more than happy with the speed and acceleration of the car. When you get a chance to boot it on some nice open and twisty roads the handling is fantastic and the drive is very rewarding (although not getting the chance to drive like this at the moment as its so bloody cold and icy).

Ps the MP brakes are exceptional as well. Glad I opted for these.
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