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Originally Posted by Spy_be View Post
Your F20 is just beautiful ! I have placed an order for the same spec + some more toys inside and I am impatient for it .

I have a little question regarding the motor. For the moment I have ordered an 116i manual gear but for many reasons (resell value, taxes, price of diesel), I think I'll go for a 116d or 118d. If I go for a 116d, It would be with an automatic gearbox.

My question is : After few months of driving, what do you think about the engine ? is the 116d OK for such car in everyday use (acceleration) ? Is the automatic gearbox really cool to drive or is it a little boring ? Have you ever compared with a 118d ? I've read somewhere that the 116d with automatic gearbox is quite similar to a 118d with manual gearbox.
Still hesitating between 116dA or 118d mainly because of the automatic gearbox. Actually I was affraid that the driving experience will be a little boring after a while with this automatic gearbox

One last thing : What do you pay in terms of taxes (each year + new car taxe) ? Is it quite different from a 118D or 116i ?

thank you very much (and sorry to up your topic )

Many thanks.

Now I have already 25000 km in 6 months

About the engine, it runs well but I miss some extra power! The automatic gearbox is fantastic! Less fun, hmm maybe if you have an M135I but I think with a 116D it's perfect!
With the automatic gearbox you have the choice to put it in: ECO PRO - comfort - Sport - Sport +. So i've love driving fast and accelerate late, Sport mode is perfect!

The really don't know the price of the taxes, because it's a car of the business. But I think the deference between 118 or 116 isn't a lot, I think it's almost the same.

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