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well I would say my driving style is normal. I do not drive fast/accelerate fast from stop lights/junctions, neither do I change gears very early or drive slow to get good fuel economy.I would say I am reasonably careful when it comes to driving economically. Also I do quite a bit of driving in the city of Pitesti. It's a small city near Bucharest and I do know the streets in order not to get stuck in traffic jams or stop lights. As a comparison, I was doing 8,5 l/100 km in my 2010 Mini Cooper S and the manufacturer urban fuel consumption was, I think, 7,5 l/100 km.
I did check out the website Aspe recommended and it is confusing . Some users do worse with automatics and some do better...
In the end I may take into consideration what I was doing in my Mini and ad 1l/100km , but for the auto it may be different and also the 1er has more weight.
I would be interested in a 125i or M135i by the way.