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Fuel economy manual transmision vs auto/sport auto


This is bugging me in a while now and I want to be 100% convinced of what I want/afford before I make an order for an F20.

Has anyone had experience with both manual and auto transmission for a longer time than just a test drive, and also both transmissions coupled with the same engine? Mainly I am interested in fuel economy of the auto versus the manual gearbox(there are other threads comparing the driving fun of each).
I would also like to know from someone who had experience with both, if getting the auto/sport auto box is worth the money if you get it only for the extra fuel economy. This can be done easy by calculating the BMW official figures but real life economy is different thing and also the auto may or may not be more economical than the manual one.
Let's say I would like comparisons, if this is possible, for speeds of 65km/h , 90 km/h, 130 km/h and 160 km/h.

Hope this is not going to be an empty thread.