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my car is f*cked - 125i with only 3000 km.

So..., I arrived in Germany the other day, and sadly experience some problems with the engine. Once I was driving around 50-80 km/h and while it was parked, the car started to shake. At first I was expecting that I tanked some low quality fuel, but then I realized that Germans wouldn't allow that, so I immediately went to the closest BMW service to find out whats up. Unfortunately they noticed that 4th cylinder isn't working correctly, so they tried to replace spark plug, and then the ignition coil but nth helped. Guys at the service were really surprised, because supposedly they never experienced such problem with that motor before. They have contacted BMW in Munich and found out, that they need to replace whole engine-computer. So right now I gotta wait till friday or monday till this part arrives - supposedly its a rare part so its takes more time for the delivery. The sad part is, that the millage is really low, and even though I have obeyed run in process very carefully - this shit happened. So have any of you experienced smth like this already? Any tips on how should I handle this situation will be helpful. BMW said that they will pay back my hotel and rental car - but even that I'm still stuck with broken car 1000 miles away from home.
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