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BMW SA's finding on a brand new M135i

Hey guys, found this thread on my local BMW Forum here in South Africa (BMWFanatics)

Can this really be the case from low manufacturing standards or foul play?

"This is the feedback from BMW SA....

We hereby like to confirm that after two of our Regional Technical managers inspected your vehicle we can confirm that the vehicle conforms to BMW standards. Any required adjustments can be carried out under the Motorplan undertaking.
1. Left headlight misty
2. Clutch pedal higher then the other two pedals,
3. Front bumper, bonnet and left headlight not 100% aligned
4. Wind noise from drivers window
5. Sport mode doesn't display on iDrive
6. No M Footrest
7. BMW Performance doesn't display
8. Right gutter moulding spacing
9. Rain channels loose
10.Rear bumper alignment
11. Rear boot lid alignment / need to be banged shut.
12. Paint work not 100% perfect match
- Drivers door
- Passenger door
- Boot lid
- petrol cap
- Shark fin
- Rear bumper
And a few more....

A friend saw the car today and noticed the paint work too

They want to fix it under motorplan....

This is BMW's new standards"
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