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Originally Posted by MartinHattingh View Post
Acrylic is simply plastic. The "glass" bit is all marketing fluff. It's super-glossy black plastic.

I have the black version in my Urban.

It looks amazing, but this stuff scratches *ridiculously* easily, even when just casually wiping dust off with your bare fingertips. I do a monthly polish with Meguiars PlastX and then carnauba wax to fill the fine lines to ensure that it keeps its appearance, and generally only clean it with a super soft-tip paintbrush.
Makes sense. The glass part had me thinking it would have some kind of a glass laminate to give it a tactile quality. They make quite a big deal out of it with the marketing so people might be disappointed because of that. Otherwise it looks really nice of course and if you want to go funky with urban interior colours and seat trims it's cool to have the white option.

just not any different to the gloss black trim of the sport model parked next to it. But then again I wonder how many people even notice the difference between silver plastic and actual metal trim on the standard car!