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Hi all, An update
I finally got the springs and bits and pieces to do the lifters
It was a very easy process to remove the struts, do the work and refit. About 10 mins a side.
I followed the proceedures as in the videos and instructions posted.
I used a piece of timber with foam padding to support the boot lid whilst I removed the struts.
(Each side) Once removed, I unscrewed the head, slid a 8mm hole 20mm x 2mm H/D synthetic rubber washer down the shaft, then fitted the new 25mm spring (left it green to show it here) followed by a 8mm hole 20mm x 3mm H/D synthetic rubber and the metal washer (4mm drilled out to 6mm), refitted the head and refitted to the car.
The boot lid now opens automatically when the boot release button is pushed on the remote. 'Fantastic'

Thanks to all for their advice and helpful hints provided
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