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Originally Posted by Bradbury View Post
That's the colour I have on my current car, and I absolutely love it! It keeps me motivated to clean my car more often.

Btw, I understand that you ordered your car this week, and the order is already locked now. I ordered my F20 in November and it's still not locked! I asked my dealer how this could be possible. If I understood him correctly, 116d is so popular that they basically just order them before the customer has asked for it. So when they get a customer, they update the order according to the customer's wishes. I don't know if I understood him correctly or if it's even true, but it could be a plausible explanation.

I don't think they sell many 120d's, so I'm in for a long wait. At first I was told mid February, then late February, then maybe late February. The latter is the last information I got, and I interpret it as "mid March". I also read that BMW are experiencing delays due to lack of parts for the sports automatic, so maybe it'll be April before I have my car.
I ordered mine 116i October 2nd. (First we thought about the 116d, but tried the 116i and fell for the power, flexibility and wide register of the engine compared to the diesel. But when it came to lead time, it was the same) As said, I ordered it October 2nd, and got it 5 weeks after that (first week of November). The order was locked just a few days after I signed the order, and the salesman at Bavaria ran over to the computer where they send the orders of the car right after I signed it, because they had a car that was on its way to be produced. But I think I could have gotten the same car even if I would have chosen the 116d. A colleague of mine ordered his 116i auto 2 days after me, and got it 3 weeks after me... think it was because of the auto.

So you might have a point there - looks like the lead time is longer on the versions with larger engine (= more expensive, less sold compared to 116d/116i).