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Originally Posted by tommybisler View Post
Yeah Xenons are included but if they weren't I would definitely spec them. Had them on my last car and they do make a massive difference.

The HK system. I'm not entirely sure. I listen to dance/rock mainly and I've been told the BMW Pro unit is already pretty good for this type of music. The test drive car had the HK unit and it was good but I didn't get the chance to turn it up loudly. As long as the BMW unit delivers decent bass I'll be happy, I was told the HK only really adds detail to the treble end.

DAB is standard now and I have to say it did sound very good indeed compared to FM.

With HK, you also get better Db range from more speakers (higher quality speakers and subs)
It makes a big difference when you have one of your favourite tunes cranked up.