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Test drove this beast today and completely blown away. Just deciding on what options I want and then going to place an order.

Firstly, for those who have slated this car for being ugly, I know looks are entirely subjective and I was also skeptical judging from the photographs. In the flesh, it looks fantastic and I'm sure in a few years time the looks will be far more accepted. Something similar happened with the E60 5 Series.

The car itself is astonishing. Extremely comfortable and rides very well indeed. Floor the throttle and the level of performance is just insane. I've never driven a hatchback that shifts anywhere near as fast as this thing. It is just a joke. The exhaust sounds awesome and even pulling away gently you get that lovely 6 cylinder feint roar in the background.

As for the spec, here's what I'm thinking:

Sports Auto Transmission
Esterol Blue Paint
Driver Comfort Package (cruise control and parking sensors)
Electric folding mirrors
BMW Pro Sound system (I don't think the HK is worth the extra)
DAB (now standard from Jan 2013)
Black Panel Display
Sun Protection Glass

Any other suggestions for options? I'm not bothered about Sat Nav.

For those interested I managed 38mpg driving sensibly-ish and roughly 23mpg on the same route but this time ragging it a few times.

What a machine. BMW, you have done well!