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Originally Posted by diesel20 View Post
What's the difference between these engines mechanically? Have they beefed anything up along the way to cope with more power? I'm thinking the 125i is really just a detuned "128i" done so, so the performance difference between that and the m135i is bigger.

Sure I know on a modded car, especially a turbo one you can turn the wick up all you want, but if my car is mechanically set up to be a "128i" and just detuned for marketing reasons.. Well I might be inclined to load software that gives me it's real potential
That's my question also. A year ago, I was convinced there would never come a 125i. Since there is no point at all to deliver exactly the same engine at exactly the same production cost with the same fuel consumption, with a tuned down software just to keep the food chain within your line-up intact. While you abandon the opportunity to shake up the competitive field seriously by not launching a 128i!

Besides, there is still some air between the "virtual" 128i and M135i I guess. Look at the 328i and the 335i, although here the gap is a probably a bit too small. But also here, they have chosen not to have a stronger 335i installed (why!?).

Anyway, I don't like to pay big money, having the idea that they could have opened the tap way more for exactly the same money just to have a defendable position for their top range models.