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Hi all
Well the weeks have passed quickly and I still have a smile like a cheshire cat when I drive the car.

I can definately say that my 125i M Sport is a fantastic package, BMW got this package right and I really love the Estoril Blue and the look of the M Sport with Xennons.

I have clocked more than 4000km now, no rattles or squeeks

Around town in the traffic the car is delight to drive around in 'Comfort', however I love driving it in 'Sport' mode, just move the gear lever over to the left (RHD here) set the manual (paddles) with best rev change (<torque), tip the left paddle to set M1 and go. I love the 'blips' between gears when using the paddles in the downshift (fun, fun,fun).

The ride is firm, flat and absorbes the bumps well.

After the 3000 km mark was passed, I again took it on a run up though the winding mountain roads to the appropriately named Mt Glorious, then down the other side and out past the lakes. It was a 'glorious' drive. The 125i exhaust now sounds more puposeful. The engine appears to have more horses and powers up with gusto. The M Brakes are fan'bloody'tastic.

The interior is a very nice place to be, the sport seats are really supportive and I found the little button that adjusts the side bolster (great when you drive on the real windy roads).

I love the HK sound system, it is brilliant, The Pro Nav works well and the I drive interface with the wide screen is very easy to use. (once you understand BMW logic)
I also bought the 'net' pocket for holding things ( it goes on the side of the tranny tunnel on the pasenger side. (very handy).

I recently bought an IPhone 5 and it paired instantly.

BMW has made a perfect pocket rocket.