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Front armrest rattle


Was wondering if you could let me know if your front arm rest rattles? Mines awful on my new M135. I can tap it while stationary and the damn thing rattles. You can imagine what it's like when driving around!

Took it into the dealer yesterday and we tested one of their demonstrators and it did exactly the same thing. They said they'd take it in to investigate but I was told more less that's that's how they are. Surely this can't be true?

Also I was told that if I want a courtesy car when I take it in I've got to pay £15 to insure it for the day. Audi never used to charge me when cars were in for warranty work. Is that something you guys normally push back on?

Other than the minor issue, loving the car. Just wish it'd stop raining long enough to be able to give a proper detail!!!