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@Ozolz: I got the same feeling. Though I'm very pleased with the way my configuration turned out, I did had a lot of doubts while the car was already ordered with options I discovered when browsing different forums.

@DRIVER1975: It's the 116 Efficient Dynamics diesel version. I've driven just over 900 km's by now, and went by the gas station for the first time. According to the computer, I had a average fuel consumption of 5.6 liters /100 km.

It's ok, but I've driven very eco friendly, a lot of highways to try it out, and if the brochure says it can get to 4l/100km, then 5.6 with the way I drove was just a bit disappointing. I find driving in Eco Pro mode a bit sluggish. It's perfectly fine when your driving to work in traffic, but when there isn't so much traffic (middle of the day, evenings and nights) the sport mode is a lot more fun and powerful! And that rises the fuel consumption quite a bit.

But this may sound like I'm a bit negative, while I'm actually really pleased with the way it drives, the smooth accelerations in comfort and sport mode, and how it's really quiet! It feels very premium to drive!